Tres Bien Residential Services

We glady work with the designer, architect, and audio/video and acoustician, individually or as a team, depending on the specific project. Appreciating the home is a world of its own, we believe in communication, attention to detail, proper installation and finishing touches.

We appreciate that the beauty of fabrics and the vast variety of wall coverings contribute to details, making it all come together in an inviting, personal solution that meets the client's lifestyle.

We offer the following services in Residential Design

  • Media Rooms
  • Personal Sound Studios
  • Stretched Fabric Panels.
  • Traditional Style Wall Upholstery.
  • Custom Wallcoverings of All Types
  • Custom Murals.
  • Specialty Treatments/ Layout

Tres Bien Walls is a superior quality company. We seek to employ superior quality people and associate ourselves with superior quality clients. We love being part of the solution. Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to meeting you.