Austin Custom Wall Covering, Fabric Wrapped Panels and Stretched Fabrics
  • Commercial and corprate

    The interior design of a corporate facility can be daunting, whether it is a renovation or expansion. It is one of the most critical, expensive and stressful undertakings one can experience, yet very rewarding at the same time.

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  • Residental

    We glady work with the designer, architect, and audio/video and acoustician, individually or as a team, depending on the specific project.

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  • Retail

    Fabric Wrapped Panels, Acoustic Treatments, Company Logos, Custom Murals

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About Trés Bien

Established in 1974, Tres Bien has worked with some of the most prestigious home owners and designers in the world.

Specializing in custom fabric panels and stretched fabric systems.
Certified installers of Fabri-Trak acoustic systems

“We have been upholstering walls since 1984. From auditoriums and conference rooms to halls and sound studios we have done acoustic treatments and stretched fabric paneling

Our team works locally in all areas of interior design including residential, corporate/commercial, retail and health care and meet the highest standards.

Introduction in Acoustics

For a quick tutorial on acoustic modification with stretched fabric panels please view the video.